Julia Trops’ love of art and literature came from many lifetimes remembered  just beyond the edge of consciousness. Julia learned the value of earth’s vibrations from her mother, who was a hobby astrologer, and rock collector. At a very young age, Julia read Edgar Cayce, Seth, and Abraham Hicks, and through these teachings, Julia’s understanding of and the respect for the awareness of the universal collective only grew as years went on.

Julia traveled to Egypt, Israel and Jordan as part of a peacekeeping tour while she was in the military, the effects of which were profound.  After the military, Julia went back to university for her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree majoring in Studio achieving Great Distinction. Continuing her education after her degree, Julia’s thirst for knowledge led her to the many museums of England, France, Spain and Italy. At home, Julia has absorbed artworks from Victoria, Royal Ontario Museum and Royal British Columbia Museum to name a few, and loved the museum environment so much she was a Kelowna Museums Director for ten years. Places such as Stonehenge and Avebury were highlights in her travels, and Julia has firsthand experience of the power of the volcanic stones absorbing negative energy when she visited Reykjavik. Clearly, she has an affinity for creative expression across the world which encouraged her own diversity of expression.

An established community supporter, Julia was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 for her volunteer work in the Okanagan where she created a life drawing society, the dual culture arts council Suk’wtemsqilx’w West Kelowna Arts Council, and established the art kiosk at the Kelowna Airport, just to name a few. Julia attended immersion at the Indigenous post secondary school the En’owkin Centre, a rare opportunity for a non-Indigenous person, and learned how to speak nsyilcn and engaged in formal Indigenous Studies. Her respect for Indigenous protocols and culture grew due to the nurturing of the swiwinumtax syilx people.

Julia has given presentations at Canada’s Creative Cities Summit, for CARFAC on the business of being an artist, and a multitude of Art Galleries and Chamber of Commerces in the BC Interior. Julia has 8 books in the National Library and Archives of Canada, and has written a regular newspaper column on cultural matters.

Julia went rock hunting in Arkansas, saw the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Oregon, and wanders across the Victoria beaches during Full and New Moons. Julia is protected by five cats and an RCMP husband. Currently Julia is taking her Masters of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies focused on Reconciliation efforts.

Of her artwork, Julia says:

“My work explores intensity of emotion from the smokey mysterious wanderings of the clouds in the sky to the joyful colours of our existence on earth. My work ebbs and flows from figurative to landscape to abstract, and allowing that freedom of expression brings understanding and awareness and growth.

The paint strokes, sometimes rolling into each other, or clashing like waves on the beach depending on the painting, give their embodied energy and rhythm a lyrical abstraction, creating foundation and structure. The person attracted to my work knows there is more to what we see than what we see, and that the subtleties of existence are available to all levels of awareness.“

For astrology scholars, Julia is a Sagittarius Sun, Mercury and her Ascendant is the Galactic Centre degree.  Julia’s moon is in Aquarius, Scorpio Venus and Neptune, Jupiter Pisces and Mars in Leo.