Studio 113 Cooperative

In 2010, I had been in the Rotary Centre for the Arts for eight years. It was a community building, and as much as I liked having a studio there, I felt that it was time other artists had a chance.  I cooked up the concept of a cooperative studio and thought that if there were series of artists in Studio 113, this would really enhance the cultural fabric of Kelowna.

I approached three of my friends, Angela Hansen, Trina Ganson and Rebekah Wilkinson who jumped in. We held art shows with many other artists in town and continued with the tradition of a teaching studio.  In 2011, Rebekah left to support her daughter in dance, and Angela, Trina and I carried on. I left the studio in 2012 to go to an Italian residency and Anjy and Trina found a new studio mate.

Studio 113 Cooperative is going strong today with core artists of Sarah Parsons and Lucie Parent.