YLW Spirit of the Okanagan

2015 –     2016  YLW Airport – Spirit of the Okanagan – Suk’wtemsqilx’w West Kelowna Arts Council)

  • Created procedure/process, including managing and processing intake of artists for YLW Departure Lounge Kiosk
  • Created the name “Spirit of the Okanagan” for the Art Kiosk
  • Instrumental in the formulation of an MOU between the YLW airport concessionaire Skyway which welcomes artists from Kamloops to Osoyoos (YLW catchment area)

This has to be one of my favourite projects and I love how it came about. After our (SWAC’s) initial presentation to Greater Westside Board of Trade, I was approached by Sam Samaddhar, YLW Airport General Manager to discuss the possibility of having a retail art kiosk on the departure side. Many meetings followed with two of my partners, Jason Woodford and Tracy Satin, and we put together a package of structures, procedures and processes for Skyway to consider.

This package included my researching CATSA regulations, Harmonized Codes for importing and exporting, and by contacting various countries such as the US, Germany, England, and France.  I also liaised with personnel from the World Customs Organization in Brussels Belgium the Harmonized Codes are managed by an independent intergovernmental organization with over 200 countries.

A five year MOU between SWAC and Skyway was the result, and in 2016, from this airport kiosk we sold ~$30,000 for area artists, all with price points below $200.